EGR cleaning new technology save money & restore engine's performance

EGR Cleaning clogged blocked

EGR valve is the part of the vehicle used for emission of gases in the vehicle. It assists exhaust gases to re-circulate in the engine twice and ultimately helps in reducing the emission of harmful NOx. After some time it get dirty reducing performance and needs an EGR cleaning before any other damage.



    Why EGR get clogged

    The EGR valve is quite a hard-working part of the vehicle as well as the engine. It suffers high temperatures of the engine produced during emission of exhaust gases. But it continues to emit gases and exhaust them while the engine is working. During combustion of exhaust gases, carbon deposits on the valve each time the engine emit gases. These carbon deposits when gets bigger block the EGR valve.

    Consequences of EGR blocked

    • When the EGR is blocked, the engine does not work properly.
    • The fuel efficiency is reduced.
    • Many failures arise in the vehicle including knocking like sound.
    • It causes oil contamination

    Why our EGR cleaning in the best way?

    It is not always necessary to change or remove your EGR valve if it is blocked. One more way to make EGR valve working again is to clean it with a professional EGR cleaning machine. There are many ways to clean the EGR valve but most of them are dangerous for the engine specially in good car. Our machine provide the highest cleaning quality without compromise any other part. Here are the reasons why we are the best cleaning service, provider:

    Understands importance of cleaning

    We understand the importance of cleaning for the vehicle and we know how to make sure that it is clean properly without destroying or damaging any part of the vehicle.

    Replace the parts if slightly doubts

    Although we do a proper cleaning of the parts if necessary and any part of the vehicle needs to be changed we recommend it to be replaced and in most of the cases we replace them and let the customers know. Damaged parts used again may cause serious damage to the vehicle as well as engine.

    Use professional EGR cleaning machine

    We clean every part of the EGR valve with our high-quality cleaner machine and make the valve as if they are new and unused. Every part of the valve is handled with proper care and cleaned properly to remove even a single dust particle in it. This process gives longer life to EGR valve keeping clean for long. Other cheap and quick EGR cleaning available in the market are considered “temporary” and needs services more often.

    Re-install the parts carefully

    We believe in building relations that work for longer times and for this we aim to provide services to the best so customers get satisfied and return back in future also if needed. The re-installation part is important after cleaning all the parts of the engine and valve. After the parts are re-installed we start the engine to see that all parts of the engine and the vehicle are working and installed properly.

    EGR delete

    This solution avoid all future problems with EGR. Our advanced tool allow us to deactivate EGR system electronically, working on the ECU of the vehicle. For this reason, many of our customers ask for a remap with EGR delete to improve power and torque 20% to 30% and fuel economy up to 20% better. Most of time you are able to do EGR delete and remap without loose your warranty. Give us a call and talk with our tuner to get a better answer about your car model.